Training of the Judiciary on Mental Health

Proposed MHA Headquarters

The Mental Health Authority (MHA) is an agency established by an Act of Parliament, Mental Health Act 846 of 2012, to propose, promote and implement mental health policies and provide culturally appropriate, humane and integrated mental health care throughout Ghana.

The Authority is governed by the Mental Health Board appointed by the President of the Republic of Ghana and composed of a Chairman, Chief Executive and nine other members.

Ensuring quality mental health care for all persons commensurate with Ghana’s middle-income status.


To promote mental health, prevent mental illness and provide quality accessible, community-oriented, integrated and culturally appropriate mental health care to persons with mental illness.

  • Recognition of diversity of cultural, religious and social background of clients and workforce
  • Equal treatment of clients and staff with respect and dignity irrespective  of background
  • Confidentiality
  • Commitment and professionalism
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Teamwork.

Why Ghana should not legalize cannabis

By Dr. Akwasi Osei

The arguments for and against the legalization of cannabis in Ghana has been raging on for some time now. We as an Authority see for see interesting times ahead as discerning individuals, statesmen and the intelligentsia of our society pitch camps on which side of the divide will be of most benefit to our nation.
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